• Aiken Taylor Award

    Every year since 1987, the Sewanee Review has honored a distinguished poet in the maturity of their career with the Aiken Taylor Award in Modern American Poetry. Established by the physician and poet K. P. A. Taylor in honor of his elder brother, the modernist poet and story writer Conrad Aiken, the Aiken Taylor Award has celebrated poets such as Howard Nemerov, Gwendolyn Brooks, Wendell Berry, Louise Glück, and Billy Collins. In 2022 the Award will be given to Garrett Hongo. Hongo will visit the University of the South in the fall of 2022 for a reading and celebration of his remarkable work. A lecture on his work by Christopher Spaide will be given at this year's ceremony, and it will also be available in our Spring 2023 issue. 


    The full list of Aiken Taylor Award recipients includes:

    1987: Howard Nemerov
    1988: Richard Wilbur
    1989: Anthony Hecht
    1990: W. S. Merwin
    1991: John Frederick Nims
    1992: Gwendolyn Brooks
    1993: George Starbuck
    1994: Wendell Berry
    1995: Maxine Kumin
    1996: Fred Chappell
    1997: Carolyn Kizer
    1998: X. J. Kennedy
    1999: George Garrett
    2000: Eleanor Ross Taylor
    2001: Frederick Morgan
    2002: Grace Schulman
    2003: Daniel Hoffman
    2004: Henry Taylor
    2005: B. H. Fairchild
    2006: Brendan Galvin
    2007: Anne Stevenson
    2008: John Haines
    2009: Donald Hall
    2010: Louise Glück
    2011: Billy Collins
    2012: Debora Greger. Click here to listen.
    2013: William Logan. Click here to listen.
    2014: Dana Gioia
    2015: Marie Ponsot. Click here to listen.
    2016: Christian Wiman
    2017: Mary Ruefle
    2018: Heather McHugh
    2019: Carl Phillips
    2020: Nikky Finney
    2021: Vievee Francis
    2022: Garrett Hongo

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